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It's a Lifestyle

ADHD is more than just a disorder, it's a lifestyle, my lifestyle and I love it  

Anchored Up North is a lifestyle Blog curated by Jenna Kopp. Adhd does't mean life Can't Be lived to the Fullest, and it doesn't mean we're less than average. Anchored up north was built to connect people with adhd and others over shared passions we all experience and enjoy.      


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Jenna Kopp

The gal behind Anchored Up North. I started this blog to show what life is like living with ADHD. With a passion for fashion, my dog Archer, decorating, photography, and long list of everything in-between, I wanted a place to share those passions with others.   

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How it all began

I'm featuring this photo because to me it's where Anchored Up North all began. In August of 2017 I went on a trip to Iceland with Connor, his sister Ally and his friend Jeremy. On a whim, before the trip, I bought a used DSLR camera to take to Iceland and I justified the purchase as a camera I could also use for work (I was still working at Fashion Avenue 2 then). To make a long story short about our trip, Iceland was awesome; the four of us had a total blast; I fell in love with the country and even more in love with taking photos and found out I was actually pretty good at it. Not too long after our Iceland trip I ended up leaving my job at Fashion Avenue 2, where I had worked for almost 10 years, it was a big life change for me. But with a newfound passion for photography, I decided to jump head first into the photography world and found a job working for First Day Photo being a newborn photographer (and so thankful am I,  because I love that job!!). Alongside working as a newborn photographer I was starting my own photography business and lifestyle blog, Anchored Up North. However the process was slow and admittedly I still haven't had my first true client through AUN... The issue was I wanted to write about all these topics in my blog that didn't fit into the aspect of a photography business. And without clients it was hard to provide content to a photography business website. So I was completely struggling to make my original vision for AUN to work. One topic I envisioned blogging about often was my ADHD. And after talking with my friend Terence, I had an epiphany that I needed to ditch the idea that Anchored Up North would be primarily a photography business with a lifestyle blog on the side and flip it to being a lifestyle blog with a photography business on the side. With so many lifestyle blogs out there I knew I needed and edge to make mine different from the rest, and ta-da insert ADHD. Blogging about my life as someone with ADHD just made so much sense to me. ADHD is a lifestyle to me, it's a part of everything that I do all day long whether I want it to be or not. So I got to brainstorming, gave Anchored Up North a makeover and here I am, finally feeling complete about what I want to pursue as a career and how to actually chase those dreams. Now getting back to this featured photo, my plan on the trip was to take a cool picture that I could print large and have framed to hang in our bedroom, and this is the photo I chose to frame. It hangs above our dresser at the end of our bed so every day when I wake up I stare at it and it reminds me of how I've gotten to where I am currently, and where I'm going next. Because this to me is life with ADHD: buying a camera will lead to an awesome photo that will lead to a change in careers, that will lead to a start of one business that will change into a different business and I can guarantee that it will all continue to change as time passes. But in spirit of my businesses name, no matter where I'm going in life, I'll always be Anchored Up North :) 



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